We support:

We support elementary schools in Ilboru, Tanzania. Within our financial resources, we provide schools with as much teaching material as possible in the form of school textbooks, pencils and booklets. The distribution of the material is made in such a way that balances the needs of the different schools.


In the summer of 2017, we supported a school for the first time in the development of teaching and lesson plans. By implementing a detailed structure to everyday school life, we hope for an improvement in the quality of teaching and optimal use of the materials provided.


Jobreas Primary School

The Jobreas Primary School was founded in 2012 by the Swai family. The project started with five children in a single classroom. After only one year, the family was able to buy some land and build an appropriate school building. In addition, an accommodation unit was built nearby providing boarding facilities.


Today, the Jobreas Primary School has 176 students including 21 boarding rooms. Eleven teachers take care of children aged between four and fourteen in five classrooms.


Through to its well-trained teaching staff, the school has developed a very good reputation in the region. This leads to its high demand despite the fact of its higher school fees. In order to provide as many children as possible with a good education, the school relies on support in the form of teaching materials and infrastructural development.


Ilboru Lutheran Primary School

The "Ilboru Lutheran Primary School" is an ecclesiastical private school. It was built in 1997 by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ilboru.    


The school can accommodate 142 students. Today, 80 girls and 62 boys between the ages of three and fourteen attend this school. In comparison to the public schools, there is a maximum of 25 children per class. They also provide a playgroup and pre-school class. The students also receive two hot meals per day. 


The Ilboru Lutheran Primary School is the only school in the Ilboru region that uses English as the language of communication. The educational level of this school is considered as being very good.


However, due to very high school fees, the children lack learning material.     

Agape nursery

The "Agape nursery" is the only kindergarten in Ilboru. The very small building can only accommodate 30 children. The kindergarten is a private institution and requires a small school fee.


There is a particular lack of children's books and toys.