Educational sponsorships

In order for the orphans to have a better future, they depend on an education in a good school. For financial reasons, this can rarely be borne by the local parish. Most of the children are brought to a public school and struggle from the first day as they did not have the benefit of pre-school and kindergarten education.


Since the summer of 2017, we bring sponsors together with orphans and organise a move to one of the best boarding schools in the region. We as an association, act exclusively as an interface between the children, the school and the sponsors. The payment of the school and boarding fees is made directly to the school.


Since we know that the direct environment of the children is crucial for a successful future, their placement in the boarding school is very important to us.  Given that the children have already suffered enough disappointment in their young lives, we only provide sponsors who are willing to sponsor the entire schooling of the children. We are well aware that this brings a high financial commitment and therefore recommend the formation of a "sponsor family". Join with friends, acquaintances or family and sponsor a child together. We are happy to bring you together with other interested parties and help you to form a sponsor family.


The total annual costs amount is approximately $ 660 or $ 55 per month. A detailed cost statement with an overview of the individual cost items will be provided on request.


Thorough the support of sponsors from all over the world, we have already been able to place eight children in the boarding school. The children started school on September 1, 2017 and are overjoyed with their new life


On behalf of the children and our association, we sincerely thank our sponsors for the most beautiful gift possible - a perspective.


Asante sana! Thank you very much!