Arusha orphanage

The orphanage belongs to the local church and is located outside the city of Arusha. It houses 70 children and is led by the church pastor.


During our first visit to the orphanage, we very soon discovered that the infrastructure in place for the children was totally inadequate and above all, hygiene conditions were well below the norm. Most of the children slept on the floor, were unwashed and severely neglected by the two local caregivers. The children consumed the same meal of corn and beans every day and the meal portions were often not sufficient for each child. Unfortunately, the pastor did not recognise the problem and the children had no hope for improved conditions. In simple terms, a catastrophic state of affairs.


 During summer 2017 it was decided to refurbish the orphanage and establish new management guidelines. Over a period of several days, we considered how best we could improve the long term situation of the children. The challenge was not only that refurbishment of the orphanage was required, but also processes and procedures needed to be introduced and anchored in place. To keep track of the change implementation, we categorised the solutions & procedures and presented these in graphical form.


Thanks to the help of various volunteers on site and James our project manager, we were able to implement the plan and significantly improve the living conditions of the children. At this point we would like to introduce you to our child carer, Evaline.